Vance Wingate | About the Artwork

I work toward developing vigorously drawn, painted or printed images that emphasize visual and textural differences where the figure and ground are equally present. My interest lies in questioning how much can be added, deleted, created and destroyed in creating an image (in form and material), and searching to find the logic and essence of what can be done visually with each decision and in each step of the process.

Talismans for Sullen Entropy

I heard the words ‘sullen entropy’ in a Robyn Hitchcock song many, many years ago and it stuck with me as an elegant way to describe natural forces in the world and also the way I physically make artwork. The ‘Talismans for Sullen Entropy’ series are figures and objects depicted with degraded, overworked surfaces using copious amounts of graphite, oil on canvas or other standard drawing materials, usually on paper. They involve a large amount of stop & start, make/discard, discovery and change. The sullen part is mainly me.

Grid Variations

These are works with a composition based on the grid, even though almost all my work is very grid-centric. I have always worked out designs and compositions using the grid, golden mean, rule of thirds, etc. to develop an image. These are some continuations of those developments, in various modes.

Haskell Avenue Stories

My dog Friday and I walk every day around our neighborhood, from Haskell Avenue down to Fair Park, through Deep Ellum, around Baylor and through East Dallas. Along the way I find interesting shiny objects, cast off letters, interesting shapes and forms that I pick up and put in a box (boxes) in my studio. I started working on this series thinking I would do a sort of autobiography, but it turned more toward a reflection of thoughts and groupings that occur to me as I find these items and ruminate on their past and what I could revise them into as Friday and I walk along, checking out the changes to our neighborhood and discovering fun smells, weird people and shiny stuff on our way.